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Creativity is a way in which we examine a problem with an open mind and fresh eyes to explore new possibilities outside the established approaches through the use of our imagination based on knowledge. New technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are drastically changing the nature of creative processes. Dr Inventor is built upon the vision that technologies have a great potential to enhance scientific creativity. Currently, scientific innovation is still largely reliant on human brains. Modern technologies, such as information extraction, document summarization, semantic web and visual analytics have a great prospective in supplementing human ingenuity by overcoming the limitations that people suffer in their efforts towards creativity, such as limited knowledge and inherent thinking barriers. The project commits to generating a web-based system that supports real world applications for scientific innovations in a specific domain (i.e. computer graphics & animation). By doing so, we seek insights of the potential and limitations of the technologies in scientific creative processes under real world settings, leading to a blueprint of future technologies in computational creativity.

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This research project receives funding from the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme.
Activity ICT (FP7-ICT-2013.8.1), Grant agreement no: 611383.

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