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Intellixir designs INTELLIXIR System and owns two Help Desks to provide clients support browse your patent and scientific journal article files (merging these two data types or separately) through dynamic graphical statistics that provide easy drilldown. The French company, known in all over Europe for many years and recently known in America and Asia, celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. Ten years of Intellixir System improvement with clients experiences, requests and feedbacks. The Annual subscription includes an upgrade of the System every six months.

Since 2002 INTELIXIR develop and commercialize a Web Application allowing users to analyse patents and publications for Competitive Intelligence and Innovation purposes. INTELLIXIR System extract meta-data from structured information (XML, Tabulated or Tagued text files) to compute statistics and to provide results with dynamic and interactive graphical representations through a web-based application: Time and geographical aspects, text analysis, clusters, hierarchical trees, collaboration network. Specific features bring text-mining process to users who want to go deeper in the document content. INTELLIXIR Clients are large private or public organisations in all scientific and technological domains: Health, Chemistry, Materials, Energy, Aerosace, Food.

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This research project receives funding from the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme.
Activity ICT (FP7-ICT-2013.8.1), Grant agreement no: 611383.

dr inventor